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Greenhouse Shade Cloth Information

Shade Rite Knitted Shade Cloth - Colors

SHADE RITE is a string lock-stitch knitted shade cloth, available in a wide range of widths and shade percentage grades. Its unique construction offers many benefits making it one of the most versatile and cost effective shade cloth available.

Click here to see an example of a shade cloth structure

Standard Widths ( Feet )
Color Shade % 6' 8' 12' 20' 26' 34'
Forest Green 70% x   x      
Pearl White 22% x   x      
Pearl White 40% x x x x x x
Pearl White 50% x x x x x x
Violet 60% x   x      
Red 70% x   x      
Miller Blue 60% x   x      

Shade Cloths can be ordered in any lengths. Stock width sizes are shown above. Larger Shade Cloths can be made by sewing two or more stock sheet sizes together, then trimming if necessary.

KSC-FG70 Forest Green 70% $0.30
KSC -PW22 Pearl White 22% $0.19
KSC-PW40 Pearl White 40% $0.24
KSC-PW50 Pearl White 50% $0.27
KSC-V60 Violet 60% $0.34
KSC-R70 Red 70% $0.34
KSC-MB60 Miller Blue 60% $0.34

$100.00 Minimum bulk Shade Cloth order.  Smaller quantities please add a $20.00 small order charge to the order total.